Diminished Value Calculator




Be sure to download and try Diminished Value Calculator free for ten days before buying. There are no refunds. If you like the software come back here to purchase it.

Like all my software, ease of use is built in. Most of the information can be filled in by using the EMS feature of your estimating software. The more information you enter when writing an estimate, the less you have to enter when writing a DV report. Just fill your company information in at the top center of the screen, browse to your EMS folder and all extracted estimates will fill the list box in the upper left corner.

Check a few boxes and calculate the diminished value. Then you can choose to print the report or email it right from the same screen. Here is a sample report.

Sample Diminished Value Report. Click to see full size image.

The report is a simple and concise, one page report. It couldn’t be easier. Remember, this is for Inherent DV, or the psychological DV caused by the accident regardless of how well the damage was repaired. DV due to improper, incomplete or incompetent repairs is something different. That is something only a professional appraisal can determine, but there is a place to enter that figure in this report, along with an explanation that any estimate will be attached.

Now every shop can afford to give their customers a DV report with their estimate or final bill.